Real Estate Law

Maintaining and developing leading expertise, Anderson MacKeigan LLP offers a range of services to support our client’s continued success in Real Estate, Corporate & Commercial business sectors.

Our team is actively involved in current developments in:

  • Purchase, Sale, and Finance of Commercial Real Estate
  • Land Assemblies, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects
  • Mortgage Financing and Remedies
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Contracting for the purchase of Bulk Utility Services for landlords and landlord groups
  • Marketing and Access Agreements for telecommunication companies, including rooftop leases
  • Cost-sharing Agreements and Shared Facilities Agreements
  • Municipal Development Agreements, Site Plan Registration, Subdivision Plan Registration
  • Joint Venture Agreements, Co-ownership Agreements, and Limited Partnership Agreements
  • Due Diligence support and evaluation of acquisition targets (including complex land registry office investigations and title enhancement applications)
  • Land Severance (including property division, creation and release of easements)
  • Condominium and Subdivision Development (including land acquisition, financing, construction, sales, condominium, and plan registration)


Manuel Mady

Associate Lawyer

Teresa Lingard

Senior Law Clerk

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